Russound debuts Next Generation of Multi-Channel Amplifiers

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — April 9, 2024 — Russound, an internationally renowned leader in premium, multiroom audio, continues its aggressive product launches set for 2024 with the new D-Series Multichannel Digital Amplifiers. Building upon Russound’s legacy in this audio category, the D-Series includes three models: the eight-channel D890, the 12-channel D1290, and the 16-channel D1675. Designed to expand an audio system into more rooms or zones, or to add increased audio output for larger rooms or outdoor areas where a higher output volume is required, the amps are distinguished by their source and control flexibility, multichannel power, and easy-to-configure audio filter options. The D1290 is the first in the series available and now shipping.

“When engineering the D-Series, we wanted to deliver an amp that not only met our high standards in performance and quality but also rethought the installation experience,” said Charlie Porritt, CEO, Russound. “Each of the amp zones can be configured without any equipment — just set the switches on the back, and it’s ready. This feature helps save installers an incredible amount of time in any multichannel amplification project. The D-Series demonstrates what amplification innovation looks like — it’s sleek, feature-rich, and powerful, giving installers the flexibility and reliability they need to satisfy the needs of their clientele, all while keeping an acceptable project budget.”

In creating the Russound D-Series amps, the company succeeded in its key design goal: reducing the size of the amplifiers while boosting their feature set. These models utilize an advanced digital design that results in smaller chassis sizes than in any previous generation of Russound amplifiers while delivering up to 90 watts per channel on the D890 and D1290 models and 75 watts per channel in up to 16 channels in the D1675. The D890 eight-channel and D1290 12-channel models are 1RU in height, while the D1675 is only 2RUs.

Proof of the company’s commitment to adding more features, the D-Series amps include new, easily configurable audio filter options to customize the audio output for the desired application. Any stereo pair, zone, or bridged speaker connection on the D-Series models can be set to output three different options. Full Range Sound allows for a typical full range of sound between 20Hz and 20kHz to the connected loudspeaker(s). Low Pass Filter allows the connected speakers to only receive low-frequency audio signals, from about 20Hz to 160Hz, perfect for supporting passive subwoofers that are adding extra bass to the room. By filtering the output, the D-Series amplifiers can more efficiently support only the frequencies that the subwoofer can support, allowing for much more efficient, robust, and dynamic sound. Finally, there is the High Pass Filter, which allows the zone or channel to focus on only the higher frequencies — from 80Hz and up — without wasting energy on lower-frequency sounds that the speaker can’t provide and that can clutter the room’s audio with unwanted bass or standing waves. What’s more, this filter protects the amplifier by avoiding unneeded impedance swings from the speakers attempting to drive lower frequencies that they are not capable of producing.

The D-Series amplifiers allow for up to three different input choices for every channel. Installers can use two available bus inputs as the input for any channel, or they can use a dedicated input, allowing for precise tailoring of any system to its needs. By combining multiple zones of audio amplification into a single chassis, any audio installation can easily grow and expand to other areas in and around the home without the need for separate amplifiers and separate audio connections for every area. One amplifier can power multiple loudspeakers, organized around the home in the way that best fits the needs of the homeowner, or they can be bridged for applications that demand even more power.

The D-Series amplifiers also offer three turn-on modes, allowing for easy configuration of any audio system. This includes Always On, ensuring the amplifier is ready 24/7; Signal Sensing, which allows the amplifier to reduce its energy consumption to less than 0.5 watts of power when not being used but still turn on quickly; and finally, 12V Trigger, which allows an installer to customize when the amplifier turns on and off.

The 12-channel D1290 is currently shipping, while the 16-channel D1675 will ship in May and the eight-channel D890 will be available in September. More information on Russound is available at

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